Our History

Serving our customers since 1908

  • 1908

    Ángel Díaz-Salazar founds the Bodega in Seville as a wine merchant’s premises distributing the wine produced by his wineries in Daimiel
    (Ciudad Real).

  • 1918

    Julián Díaz-Salazar Torres takes over the business.

  • 20’s

    Distribution of Damm Black Beer begins.

    During this decade, 70-80 thousand arrobas (equivalent to over 1 million litres) of wine were sold annually to wholesalers.

  • 40’s

    The consumption of wine in the Bodega begins, accompanied by Manchego cheeses and aubergines from Almagro. Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda added to the wine list.

    The business expands and diversifies through investments in Daimiel and the acquisition of new land and vineyards.

    Our Bodega begins to be a point of reference in Seville, a meeting place for renowned photographers, journalists and local cartoonists from the newspaper “El Liberal”.

  • 50‘s - 70’s

    The Bodega Díaz-Salazar consolidates its position as a venue for political and current affairs gatherings, such as the “Noches del Baratillo”.

    The regular clientele includes well-known personalities like painters, writers, artists and theatre actors, etc.

    La Bodega has established itself as one of the most popular bars in the centre of Seville.

  • 80’s

    José Leonardo Díaz-Salazar takes over the running of the business, introducing a more up-to-date approach while preserving the values and spirit of a historic business.

  • 2021

    After being closed for a year, a new chapter begins.
    The premises have been refurbished, adapting them to current times, without losing the sense of history and tradition that our iconic establishment exudes.

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